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Hello, I'm Katherine...


From my home in North Yorkshire, I love to create paintings using buttery oil paint on canvas, which help you and your loved ones celebrate the exceptional and the everyday moments in your life – I think both should be treasured.

What makes me do what I do... 

There is something very special about creating a unique piece of art that generates an emotional response in another person. Imagining a scene can make you feel relaxed, happy, energised or contemplative and paintings can convey the same feelings.  Paintings can also reignite a sense of belonging to a particular time or place, in much the same way as familiar scents can take you back to a special time.

I love that my work can forge a connection between the viewer, the subject and me as the artist.  They are a very special form of communication when you can't always find the right words. 

It is a privilege to help you choose individual artwork, prints or greetings cards as gifts to yourself or the important people in your life, who deserve to share that joy.

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