How it works!

Commissioning artwork can be uncharted territory for many so here are some FAQ's to help get you started but you are welcome to e-mail with any queries too. 


How long does it take?

This is dependent on the scale and/or complexity, when you need it for and how many other commissions are already in the diary but I can happily let you know a realistic time frame so please just ask.

Do I need to provide the images?

Usually a customer will let me know the subject that they have in mind and then I source various images to work from.  These are used as a starting point but then I see where the painting takes me so that each piece is unique.  If you have a particular image in mind that's no problem and we can discuss all your requirements.

What sizes can you paint?

I have worked from 10 cms square up to 100 cms square and various sizes in between!  It isn't always possible to source canvases in every size because they are supplied in ratios known to be successful in terms of proportion but I can let you know what is available or offer advice as to what I think would suit the painting you have in mind.

How much will it cost?

20 cms x 20 cms  from £80 inc VAT (unframed)

30 cms x 30 cms from £150 inc VAT (unframed)

40 cms x 30 cms from £205 inc VAT (unframed)

This is only a guide so please ask and I will provide a quote based on your requirements.

Can you frame it for me?

I often supply commissions framed and ready to hang.  The frames I use are bare wood frames which I then hand treat with lime and wax.  This gives them a lovely warm neutral patina.  I can send you an image of my frames before you decide.

What if I don't like it?

I have not had a customer yet who hasn't liked their painting but if you are not 100% happy then neither am I, so if you not sure about a particular element then I will work on it until it is right! No worries!

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