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Being brave!

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

Cringing a little over here! During a recent studio clear out I came across an old newspaper clipping of me when I was 15 and on work experience at a local Art Gallery and shop. Despite my (not very cheery!) expression I really enjoyed my first foray into the real world and taste of a creative business and was very grateful to have been given the opportunity.

It all came about because my painfully shy teenage self was uncharacteristically brave and approached an artist and small business owner at my school craft fair and asked if he ever took on work experience students. He had not but was equally brave and said yes.

Now, fast forward to today I am very closely mirroring many of those skills I was valuably taught back then. Whilst there may not have been social media or blog posts, there were WI talks and greeting card designs, prints and the painting too of course. It’s not been a straight path…it never is but I wonder, if I hadn’t been a little brave back then, then would I be where I am now?!

Being brave…doesn’t come easily to me at all. I love (LOVE!) my comfort zone but it’s worth remembering what have you said yes to in the past and how have you grown from that since. You just never know where those yes's could lead you in the future...

So, if you have been wanting to get back to painting after a little or a big pause, why not order those set of paints or join me on one of my workshops and enjoy a creative relaxing day dipping your toe back into the paint water. I remind myself that being brave in some small ways can sometimes lead to being brave in bigger ways.

P.S An early attempt at painting the Yorkshire Landscape in watercolour by Katherine (age 15). For a close up (I can't look!) take a look at the second image!

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