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Giclee printing and what that means!

Giclee- pronounced ‘Zhee-clay’ is a fancy French word meaning 'spray'.

But what are Giclee prints? I know it can be frustrating when people use industry related words which they are familiar with but leave the rest of us relying on a quick Google search to figure out what on earth they are talking about! Before I started my Art Business ‘Giclee prints’ was one of terms that confused me. I now have Giclee prints available in my online store for customers to buy but what exactly are they?

Giclee prints are Fine Art reproductions which will last for years to come. The reason being, they are professionally printed using lightfast, pigment based ink on museum quality, acid free, heavyweight paper. They are therefore considered ‘archival’ and because the printer can accurately replicate the colour of the original, the great thing about Giclee prints is that they allow people to buy a reproduction of a painting at a lower price. Giclee prints are often produced in limited editions which means once a certain number has sold out then they will no longer be produced, this makes them more valuable. Alternatively, prints may be ‘open editions’ which means they can be constantly reprinted if the artist wants. I have some signed limited edition Giclee prints in my online shop but I also print on demand so if a customer looks through my online gallery and sees a painting that they like and the original is no longer available then I can look at getting a high quality reproduction made for them. Just e-mail me if you see anything you may wish to have printed and I will look into it for you and see whether it is possible.

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